For the first time in history, a Cuban-Dutch pianist brings the top of the Dutch music scene in the broadest sense of the word together and starts a movement called Boundless Forces.It is no coincidence that this movement is emerging at a time when we are forced to keep our distance and people are standing up against racism worldwide.
Ramón Valle’s Boundless Forces is a project in which borders literally fade. Connection through music is the center of this movement. Not only his roots as a Cuban, but also his experience as a migrant and especially as a musician made him into who he is today and determines the music he makes. Ramón’s Boundless Forces creates connection: young and old, black and white, man and woman, lovers of classical, jazz, opera and pop music.
On October 2nd, 2020 the first single ”EeeTata!” will be released by IN+OUT Records and the data for the first live concerts have been confirmed. Check out the trailer above and the amazing line-up on ”EeeTata!”

Ramón Valle • Typhoon • Lavinia Meijer • Tineke Postma • Berenice van Leer • Aylin Sezer • Reinier Baas • Rik Mol
• Omar Rodriguez Calvo • Enrique Firpi • Richard Marquez • Susanne Rosmolen • Natasa Grujic

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